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Driven, Motivated and Qualified!

Hello, my name is Gustaf Smith.

I am an 24 year old guy who currently live and work in Uppsala, Sweden.

I travel a lot both in my job and on my spare time and I actually enjoy to commute.

I am a graduated economist at the secondary level. I have been working with sales and customer service throughout my whole career, something which I am very passionate about. Some of the most exciting things in this area is the ability to learn and grow, through the meeting with new people. I love when I can share my own experience with other people and inspire them to learn and discover new perspectives themselves.

Technology and Social Media have really changed the way we interact with other people. My belief is that we can actually call social media our new primary world. Both technology and Social Media are fields which facinates me and something that has always been a very important part of my living. I have good knowledge in the subjects and I am sure that it is very important to understand the new era of advertising among the social media generation.

I also believe that being social, accommodating and give good service are some of the most important things in business, so I am very pleased about the fact that I am often told that I possess these qualities. I see myself as a very social and outgoing person and I love to take on new challenges and to learn new things.

This work has given me great experience in a lot of different areas, especially in sales, management and leadership.

Language skills
Swedish, native language.
English, Basic spoken and written.

Private very interested in computers and technology. I have good knowledge in most technology and I also have very easy to learn new systems and programs.

Adobe (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects)
Sony Vegas
Microsoft Office
Google Suite

Driving License both B and AM-licens. Thinks is fun to experience new places and have no problem commuting.

Whats my story


Co-Founder, COO
Juli 2016 – now

I have recently started a company called Wehype together with three friends. Wehype is a technology company with focus on advertising towards  gamers. I am responsible for managing the whole team and to make sure we hold deadlines and our set goals. In addition I’m also the sales manager in the company.


Sales manager
Trippus Event Solution
August 2011 – Now

I am currently working as a sales manager at Trippus Event Solutions in Uppsala, where I have learnt the importance of not only how to sell but also the importance of caring for customers. I have been working towards companies in all different sizes and shapes, which has helped me to improve my skills in adapting my work along customer needs. I have also been responsible for a small sales team where I have been leading, supporting and guiding the team into improvements in both sales and customer care. These tasks have given me great experience in a lot of different areas, especially in sales, management and leadership.
I have several times managed to exceeded my sales budget by over 400%. Examples of customers, I sold to: Tv4, HSB, Avfall Sverige, Region Värmland, IF Metall, Unionen, Folksam.


Event Manager, VIP Manager
Scandinavian Event Group – Barcelona

I planed events on different nightclubs in Barcelona. I booked DJs, handled the logistics and marketing.

Graphic Designer / Web Designer
2013 – Now

At the moment I’m helping Safestep with their website, their marketing strategy and everything relating to their design.


Retail Sales and Waiter
Åsbergets Getgård

My job at Åsbergets Getgård was to take care of the customers who wanted to buy things from the store, and serve the customers at the cafe where we served coffee and lunch.

Retail Sales
Cyckel och skidstället

”Cykel och skidstället” was a store in Uppsala that sold bicycles, sports accessories and service for bicycles. My job there was to help the customers in the store and maintain the store. I also worked as a cashier in the store.

CEO, Co-Founder
ICOE – In Case Of Emergency

I’ve been running a company called ICOE with focus on road safety. I ran the company together with three classmates. We started the company as a school prodject and we keept working with this even after we finished school. As a CEO I organized and lead the group. I was also responsible for all sales.

Reporter, writer
Juli 2012 – now

iPhoneGuiden.se is one of the larges online news site for iPhone and iPad. I was a reporter and wrote articles about iPhone.



At Provice I Started as a telemarket in-house salesman, but soon I was promoted to a new group and started to work as a team leader to coach the other salesmen.

What my clients say about me and my work

Gustaf Smith was under a long period our contact person for Trippus regarding Support, development and design for Tv4:s eventwebsites. He is a very competent, service-minded, innovative and creative person. We can strongly recommend him.

Suss Dafgård
Suss DafgårdProduct Manager Event, Bonnier Broadcasting AB (TV4 & C More)Tv4 Gruppen

As a customer it was a true joy to work with Gustaf, becouse of his his relaxed and knowledgeable approach. What I appreciate most is Gustaf’s flexibility and willingness to find solutions, even if had has to go outside the box. Gustaf has always a win-win relationship in focus.

Maria Forslöf
Maria ForslöfCEOEventool

Gustaf is a very driven person with great responsibility and he has a big enthusiasm and accuracy to all his work. He’s incredibly good at building relationships and he easily get trusted by his customers. He always provide a serious and professional impression around his customers.

Patrik Nyström
Patrik NyströmCEO & Co-Founder

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